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IPL skin rejuvenation machine

Technical Specification:

Wavelenth   HR:690nm,SR:560nm,VR:420nm 
Discharge time 1-3s
First pulse width 0.1-15.0ms
Sub-pulse width 0.1-15.0ms
Energy density 20-50J/cm2
Simmer time 10-990ms
Supply power mode AC220V,50HZ  AV110V,60HZ
Spot size HR:16mmX57mm  SR/VR:8mmX34mm
Cooling system Water,air,semi-conductor cooling
Power 1800W
Security standard MaxX10A
Cooling Temperature -22℃~0℃
Net weight 40 Kg
Gross weight 55 Kg

Applications of  Professional IPL Beauty Equipment

1.Various kinds of hair removal
2.Pigmentation & spots removal
3.Skin rejuvenation, skin care
4.Acne & Vascular Treatment
5.Wrinkle removal
6.Skin lifting, body shaping
7.Tattoo removal, Eye-line removal, lip- line removal

IPL skin rejuvenation machine
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