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Wavelenth                      HR:690nm,SR:560nm,VR:420nm                                  
Discharge time 1-3s
First pulse width 0.1-15.0ms
Sub-pulse width 0.1-15.0ms
Energy density 20-50J/cm2
Simmer time 10-990ms
Supply power mode AC220V,50HZ  AV110V,60HZ
Spot size HR:16mmX57mm  SR/VR:8mmX34mm
Cooling system Water,air,semi-conductor cooling
Power 1800W
Security standard MaxX10A
Cooling Temperature -22℃~0℃
Net weight 40 Kg
Gross weight 55 Kg

Treatment result:
1)Hair removal.Remove hair on armpit, arms, legs, back, breast, bikini, lips and so on.
2)Skin rejuvenation. Shrink pore, remove tiny wrinkle, improve flexibility and glossy of the skin.
3)Vascular lesions removal. Remove diseased Telangiectasis.
4)Speckle removal. Effectively remove pigmented spot caused by endocrine.
5)Skin lift, wrinkle removal. Remove fine lines on canthus,forehead, and sides of nose wings, tighten skin.

IPL skin rejuvenation machine
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