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a-1.Everlasting hair removal: remove unwanted hairs under arms, on legs, lips orother body parts, etc. 
b-2.Pigmentation treatment: remove various kinds of pigment such as freckle,chloasma, aged spots, sunburn, etc. 
c-3.elangiectasis treatment: treat angiotelectasis. 
d-4.Acne treatment: papule, tuber, blain, acne, etc. 
e-5.Eliminate and smooth wrinkles. 
f-6.Skin rejuvenation: shrink pores, tighten skin, and improve skin elasticity and glossiness
Primary Technical Parameter:
OpticalSource   Strong Pulse  Light   
Standard handle 430/530/640nm-1200nm
Energy Density 1---50j
Pulse 36-144ms
Spot Size    10 mm x30mm 
Cooling System water,semicondutor,wind
Dimension 55X33X35 cm     
Weight 25kg
Power Supply 220V/110V /240V 50/60HZ


IPL skin rejuvenation machine

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