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Q-switched Nd-yag laser machine(NBW-2000B)
  • Q-switched Nd-yag laser machine(NBW-2000B)


NBW-2000B laser skin treatment device treatment principle is that using the Laser selective and adjusting Q-principle laser Blasting, making the precise dose of a specific wavelength of energy aim at a particular structor in a very short period of time---colorradical: derma and epidermis of ink, carbon particles and other exogenous and endogenous pigment granules of melanin pigment cells. Pigment be heated suddenly then occur blasting, the pigment was crushed to become smaller fragments, the crushed fragments was phagocytosed by macrophages, with the macrophage cells goes into the lymphatic circulation then pigment is excreted.
The Main Technical Specifications, Performance index:

  • Treatment Principle
    NBW-2000B laser skin treatment device treatment principle is that using the Laser selective and adjusting Q-principle laser Blasting, making the precise dose of a specific wavelength of energy aim at a particular structor in a very short period of time---colorradical: derma and epidermis of ink, carbon particles and other exogenous and endogenous pigment granules of melanin pigment cells. Pigment be heated suddenly then occur blasting, the pigment was crushed to become smaller fragments, the crushed fragments was phagocytosed by macrophages, with the macrophage cells goes into the lymphatic circulation then pigment is excreted.
    The Main Technical Specifications, Performance index:
    Work condition
    Environment tempreture:10~30℃;
    Relative humidity:≤75%;
    atmospheric pressure:860~1060hpa;
    Power supply:AC220V,50Hz;
    Cooling water:deionized water or distilled water
    Basic Parameter:
    Physical demension(L×W×H,mm):400×380×800
    Total weight:25kg;
    Consumed power:600W;
    creepage protectingrated current
    Laser output method:Pulse adjusting Q
    working Laser wavelength:1064nm;532nm
    Laser pulse wideth:8ns±2ns;
    Output frequency:1Hz、2Hz、3hz 4hz 5Hz;6hz
    Single pulse max output energy:100-2000mJ;
    Harmed eyes distance:NOHD 1km,operated in dense need wear eyeshield!
    cooling method:Inlay closed cirlced water
    Run Mode:Dwell load-on continuious running
    Flare continuious adjusted
    Photoelectricity Capability
    Arthrosis bottom Output Max Single Pulse energy≥500mJ;
    Laser Output enstablity:ST≤±10%;
    Output Power reappear:Rp≤±10%;
    Output Power and Preset valueshowing error:≤±20%;
    Operation FlareDiameter:1-4mm continious adjusting;
    Aimming at Laser outputpower Pc::0.1mW≤Pc≤5mW
    Laser Wideth 8ns±2ns。
    Whole machine functions
    Single pulse energy degree showing and adjusting
    Pulse wavelenth showing and adjusting
    Pulse frenquency and showing adjusting
    Working condition and showing adjusting
    Safety inquiry

    1, the electric shock protection: Conforms to GB9706.1-2007 "Medical electrical equipment Part I: General
    requirements for safety" in the Class B Type I device regulations.
    2, Laser Radiation Protection: Conforms to GB7247-2001 "Radiation safety of laser products, equipment classification, requirements and user's guide", the 4 types of medical laser product radiation safetyrequirements.

    1 Indications
    This instrument is mainly used for eliminate some of the clinical exogenous and endogenous skin, blue,black, brown pigment lesions, such as: tattoos, tattoo, nevus of Ota and so on.
    2, the treatment interval Two treatment should be about two months apart, so that the pigment particles were crushed have enough time to be absorbed.
    3, number of treatment
    Many cases, the treatment generally required to get better results, the number of specific treatment of patients with the concentration of pigment from the affected area, depth, pigment composition, each treatment using the laser dose, patients with macrophages in vivo absorption of pigment granules and other factors. Generally exogenous pigment treatment to be more than 3 times, 5 times the endogenous pigment to be more satisfactory than the treatment effect obtained a small number of patients with repeated treatment effect is not satisfactory.
    1. For patients with dark skin, we suggest they take treatments after skin-whitening. Otherwise the skin maybe hurt slightly
    2. After the treatment, the skin will become red and swollen or blood infiltrated, if so, patients can ice the treatment skin or apply some ointment against scar
    3. Some metal ion such as ferric ion will become chemical substance, if so the skin will be darker after treatment. It is not the problem of machine self.
    4, after the treatment skin should be kept clean and dry to avoid infection.
    5 Postoperative Results boil, should make it off on their own in order to avoid man-induced scars.
    6, Repeating treatment is prohibited in the same area, or tissue will be damaged due to heat accumulation.
    precautions and instructions
    The actual components of this product have been tuned and locked, there are components with special requirements need to be sealed at the factory. Users are not allowed to unsealed, dismantling, adjustment and changes the parameters have been locked, otherwise the consequences are due to users.

    The radiation shield body, device of remote interlock, key switch, warning device of laser radiation, device of Beam terminated are according to the provision of GB7247-2001. It is set for the safety protection of laser radiation, the users are not allowed to dismantle these devices, so as to affect the protective security.

    Laser skin treatment device is the instruments with light, mechanical, electrical and precision in one. Therefore, the operators must be trained. Non-trained personnel are not allowed to operate the machine.
    Please read this manual carefully before use, we shall not be held responsible for the medical accidents and disputes which are caused by not read or violate compasses operation.
    Please must make laser far away from the non-treatment site during treatment process.

  • 1、Physical demension(L×W×H,mm):400×380×800
    2、Total weight:25kg;
    3、Consumed power:600W;
    4、creepage protectingrated current
    5、Laser output method:Pulse adjusting Q
    6、working Laser wavelength:1064nm;532nm
    7、Laser pulse wideth:8ns±2ns;
    8、Output frequency:1Hz、2Hz、3hz 4hz 5Hz;6hz
    9、Single pulse max output energy:100-2000mJ;
    10、Harmed eyes distance:NOHD 1km,operated in dense need wear eyeshield!
    11、cooling method:Inlay closed cirlced water
    12、Run Mode:Dwell load-on continuious running
    13、Flare continuious adjusted
    C Photoelectricity Capability
    1、Arthrosis bottom Output Max Single Pulse energy≥500mJ;
    2、Laser Output enstablity:ST≤±10%;
    3、Output Power reappear:Rp≤±10%;
    4、Output Power and Preset valueshowing error:≤±20%;
    5、Operation FlareDiameter:1-4mm continious adjusting;
    6、Aimming at Laser outputpower Pc::0.1mW≤Pc≤5mW
    7、Laser Wideth 8ns±2ns。
  • A. Removal endogenous pigment: Nevus of Ota, coffee spot, age pigment, freckle etc 
    B. For exogenous pigment: Tattoo of body, eyeline and eyebrow. 
    C. Skin whitenning 
    D. Remove striae gravidarum.
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