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LED/PDT Skin Care Machine
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  • LED/PDT Skin Care Machine


The blue light destructing bacterium living environment, starts the human body from the somatic cell antiseptic function.
The instrument sends out the narrow spectrum blue color visible light with the specific wave length, matching extremely with the acne propionic acid bacillus's light absorption peak. After the acne propionic acid bacillus's metabolite the porphyrin receives the stimulation chemistry draws back stirs up the process to produce the massive singlet active oxygenm. It may produce a toxic environment to the acne propionic acid bacillus (highly concentrated oxygen content), thus causes the bacterium death then skin's on acne elimination.

  • Theory:
    Blue light treatment principle
    The blue light destructing bacterium living environment, starts the human body from the somatic cell antiseptic function.
    The instrument sends out the narrow spectrum blue color visible light with the specific wave length, matching extremely with the acne propionic acid bacillus's light absorption peak. After the acne propionic acid bacillus's metabolite the porphyrin receives the stimulation chemistry draws back stirs up the process to produce the massive singlet active oxygenm. It may produce a toxic environment to the acne propionic acid bacillus (highly concentrated oxygen content), thus causes the bacterium death then skin's on acne elimination.
    Red light treatment principle
    The red light using photochemistry biological response accelerates collagen fiber production.
    The instrument sends out high intensive light, even energy density. It has the high-purity specific wave length red light, which can guarantee that the patient other harmful light's injury. The useful effect day Subcutaneous tissue cell's line plastochondria, is not produced the high efficiency photochemistry biological response--- The enzyme presses the response, to intensificate cell line plastochondria cell stimulus oxydase C. It creates more energies to accelerate synthesis of DNA, the RNA, producing the massive collagen and Fiber to structure own packing, and speeds up the elimination waste or the cell which already dies. Thus it repairs the injury skin, to smooth the tiny wrinkle, the reduction pore, increasing the flesh elasticity, improving the skin gloomy condition, causing the flesh tender white moist smooth. The course of treatment is simple, temperate, comfortable, quick effective.
    The purple light treatment principle
    The purple light is the mix light when the blue light, the red light simultaneously opens.
    The purple light is suitable for: Leaning oily skin, specific weight acne. It may coordinate with the use of the blue light or the red light. The treatment course is the same with the red light treatment, 15-20 minutes for each irradiation


    The light dynamic response is driven by the visible light, the near-infrared light or the ultraviolet ray actuates. Through the Biological tissue in the excited state photosensitive organization a series of physics which, chemistry and the biology process draws back stirs up initiates. The light power therapy carries on the treatment and the maintenance, one kind of high and new technology, using the light power reaction pair skin.

    When Biological tissue's endocardial photosensitive material and the exogenetic photosensitive material receive the light illumination with the corresponding wave length (visible light, near-infrared light or ultraviolet ray), the absorption photon energy, turns the excited state by the ground state. The photosensitive material which is in the excited state is very unstable. Then the news fast draws back after physics stirs up, or chemistry draws back stirs up the process processing emit energy to return to the ground state. Its physics drawing back process stirs up the process to be possible to produce the fluorescence, which can carry on disease's diagnosis through the analysis fluorescence spectrum. Its chemistry drawing back process stirs up the process to be possible to produce the massive active oxygen, which is mainly made up by the singlet oxygen. The active oxygen can interact with many kinds of biological macromolecule, affecting the structure and the function of the sick cells to have the therapeutic action.
  • Output wave band    red light 630nm, blue light 402nm
    Output power:    18MW
    Power supply:   110V~50/60Hz 150VA
    Ambient temperature : 4℃~55℃
    Relative humidity:    ≤70%
    Atmospheric pressure:    860Pa~1060hPahhh
    The quantity of light beam: 1200
    Crate volume (A, B, C)     550×450×380 (mm) (L×W×H) Weight 25Kg
    Crate volume (D, E)         500×480×800 (mm) (L×W×H) Weight 30Kg
  • can treat the detumescence of the greasiness acne, and mark disappearing. may improve the skin and slow skin aging, the pore contracting, skin tightening, tiny wrinkle removal, and grey face improving and so on.
    3.It may improve the pathological changes of pigment obviously, such as freckle, sunburn, old age spot and so on. may stretch the whole face skin', reducing the flaccid phenomenon obviously. may repair injured skin. (Repairing after skin transfer; improper burns, the wheal, the pigmentation caused when the energy is oversized during the photon treatment)
    The superiority of the light:
    The superiority of the light driving, LED cold -light skin whitening and tendering system
    1.combination of three light sources, strong effect treatment the thermal reaction, without the risk of getting burnt, safest optics cosmetology technology
    3.treatment area is large, the treatment time is short, the repairing effect is most formidable
    4.It does not need the special care after the treatment,
    5.its treatment scope is wide, suitable for any crowd, without any side effect
    6.the simple operation, it does not need the specialists to operate
    7.pain-free, non-wound, very comfortable, it does not need to stop the work
    8.No disposable materials, the service life is long, the stable property, long continuous working time may coordinate with use of the beauty salon products the practical scope is wide
    10.It is the hugest cosmetology way carrier, it may develop several kinds of cosmetology projects.  
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