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808nm diode laser+IPL hair removal machine(NBW-MI)
  • 808nm diode laser+IPL hair removal machine(NBW-MI)


Scope of treatment(diode laser):
for all kinds of skin
Remove the unwanted hair on all parts of the body, such as hairline, lip hair, whiskers, armpit hair, body hair, bikini hair or any other unwanted hair.

Scope of treatment(IPL):
Remove the unwanted hair on all parts of the body, such as hairline, lip hair, whiskers, armpit hair, body hair, bikini hair or any other unwanted hair.
Skin rejuvenation
Vascular removal

  • Principle of treatment:
    Semiconductor laser hair removal machine is freezing through technological innovation, so that the treatment of head to negative temperature, unlike other laser burns the skin, to better protect the skin, hair follicle melanin by specific wavelength of laser absorption, and the heat exchange to destroy hair follicle, the laser energy can be shot down into the hair follicles within the hair follicle is destroyed energy decomposition, so that the hair follicles to stop growing, because the laser energy about 15% of the skin can penetrate the dermis layer, the epidermis and more with melanoma of the hair follicle deep through the heat damage to hair follicle degeneration and atrophy; achieve permanent hair removal results.
    Diagram to show how diode laser works:

    Scope of treatment(diode laser):
    for all kinds of skin
    Remove the unwanted hair on all parts of the body, such as hairline, lip hair, whiskers, armpit hair, body hair, bikini hair or any other unwanted hair.

    Scope of treatment(IPL):
    Remove the unwanted hair on all parts of the body, such as hairline, lip hair, whiskers, armpit hair, body hair, bikini hair or any other unwanted hair.
    Skin rejuvenation
    Vascular removal


  • Specifications(diode laser)
    Laser type:Semiconductor laser
    wavelength:808 nm
    Output Mode:pulse output
    Control Method:Touch control
    Screen Size:10.4 Inch
    Energy density:10-50J/cm2  (Deviation≤±2%)
    Pulse width range:1-400ms   
    Spot size:12*20mm
    Light spot surface temperature:0-30℃
    Cooling System:Semiconductor+built-in water+Air Cooling triple cooling systems
    Net weight:60kg
    Fuse specification:Ø5×25 10A
    Input Power:1800W
    Power:AC220V±10% 10A 50HZ , 110v±10% 10A 60HZ
    Wavelenth                      HR:690nm,SR:560nm,VR:420nm                                  
    Discharge time 1-3s
    First pulse width 0.1-15.0ms
    Sub-pulse width 0.1-15.0ms
    Energy density 20-50J/cm2
    Simmer time 10-990ms
    Supply power mode AC220V,50HZ  AV110V,60HZ
    Spot size HR:16mmX57mm  SR/VR:8mmX34mm
    Cooling system Water,air,semi-conductor cooling
    Power 1800W
    Security standard MaxX10A
    Cooling Temperature -22℃~0℃
  • Advantages (diode laser)
    ♦ Plug-pull can replace the crystal plate of treatment handle according to the different treatment need.
    ♦ The global unique 12*20mm big spot hair removal crystals, it can save the treatment time, increase the energy output and reduce the treatment cost
    ♦ Permanent remove the hircus,shank-feathering ,whiskers and body hair.
    ♦ Super strong cooling circulatory system (water, wind and Semi-conductor), multiple stalls refrigeration level to meet the different requirements in the treatment, so that the whole course of treatment can be cool and comfortable, truly achieve the freezing point painless hair removal, and assure treatment comfortability as well as security. Meanwhile, this can protect the stability of the instrument for a long time continuous operation.
    ♦ 10.4 inch touch screen; the humanized designed expert treatment system; Multi-mode intelligent control; Easy setting energy and Accurate positioning of hair make the operation simple and convenient.
    ♦ The highest 150J/c㎡ output power in the world and 400ms pulse width, which can make sure the best result of permanent hair removal and reduce the pain to the least.
    ♦ The head can keep working for 20 million flashes, which prove that the high cost efficiency of our machine.
    ♦ Use Germany micro channel cooling technology laser device, the output power can reach to 600W.
    ♦ A full range of self-test system, predict and detect possible failures and accidents occur.
    ♦ Modular design for easy debugging maintenance and replacement, saving the cost of after-sale
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